National Preparedness Month 2020 – Week 2

As part of National Preparedness Month recommends that week 2 include building a preparedness kit.

While everyone’s kit has to be personalized for your family, location, and expected disasters, there are some common considerations. I have tried to outline what types of kits, or bags, there are and some of the contents that you should cover.

Building a Bag

I have also, after many requests, built a list of items that are suggestions, but also link to items that can be purchased.

Suggested Buying List


FEMA has also put out some checklists and pamphlets on related to preparedness. While most are rather basic, they are worth a look and I have listed them in the links below.

FEMA Checklists:

Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information to Get Ready

Family Communication Plan Fillable Form

Emergency Supply Kit Checklist

Take this week to review what supplies you might need, how best to organize them, and what items you need to store your Bug Out Kit if you must leave your home due to the disaster. Having these items at your disposal will greatly increase not only your chances of survival, but how comfortable you are as you ride out the disaster.

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