No matter what disaster you are planning for or what you can financially afford to prepare, taking a leveled approach will allow you to prepare plans and supplies to meet the challenges.

These planning levels come into play in relation to the severity of the emergency you plan for.  Are you planning for the occasional power outage that can last a couple hours or are you planning for a complete break down scenario that will leave you fending for yourself for an unknown period?

These also come into play based on the financial level you can afford to prepare. Do you buy the newest top end gear you can find, or do you need to invest time on D.I.Y solutions that maximize a small budget.

There are no right answers because everyone’s situation is vastly different. The important thing is to be asking the questions that help you prepare.


The way we break up and define the levels of preparedness can help us to form a concrete plan to cover the full range of emergencies.

We will use the colored pyramid in our logo to represent these levels.


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Leveled Survival came about in an effort to organize emergency plans by classifying them based on your current situation and developing a plan that fits your life. Being prepared does not mean moving into a bunker with 50 years of rations and a truckload of guns. Being prepared means knowing what to do and when to do it.


Happy Halloween 2021

Well we have made it to the end of the spooky month again. I hope everyone had a good one and has a treat filled Halloween. Be safe and remember that some of those zombie trick or treaters might be looking for finger food.