The list I thought I would never make

When I set out on designing Leveled Survival’s philosophy related to emergency planning, I wanted to emphasis how personal the plan should be. Everyone is different and their family and geographic location play a huge part in forming that plan.¬† In light of this I did not want to post any lists of items you “must have” in your bag. I have made a post listing the types of items with explanations and links to examples though. This list has lead to a lot of requests for me to offer a ready made shopping list of items. I have put this off for a while because I feel it is impossible to make a kit that is a good fit for everyone.

After talking to many people, I have come to realize though that  some people with very limited experience are looking for a starting point. Items to fill the major categories that they can use to improve their skills. Along the way they can specialize their kit by adding, removing, or swapping out items. In light of this I have put together a list with links to exact items that can be purchased. Whenever possible I have listed items I have exact experience with. If not, I have listed items that are as close to what I use as is reasonably available.

Suggested Buying List

I hope this list is helpful to novice and experienced planners alike. Feel free to comment or contact us with questions or comments.

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