Survivor Mindset

Having the right gear and supplies will go a long way towards helping you survive. That is if you have the will to use them in the worst conditions. Skills will also help you to survive easier. That is if you have the determination to use them. Surviving is not only about the preparation, but the fortitude to say “I will survive” despite all the forces at work against you.

There are many stories throughout history of people that did not survive despite having what they needed to survive. They simply gave up. Maybe they did not see it as a choice, but if you are still breathing, you have a choice. There are also plenty of examples of people that were in the absolute worse scenarios with seemingly no hope but still survived. These people determined that they would dig deep and do whatever it took. They worked with whatever they had and overcame whatever obstacles they faced.

This mindset is one that must foster in yourself to ensure that your preparation is not meaningless. This though is the hardest part to prepare. Take a look at why you are preparing, Is it for yourself, your family, your possible future children? What ever it may be, establish what this is and it will give you a reason to dig into yourself to endure whatever hardships come.

To survive it is often necessary to fight and to fight you have to dirty yourself.
 – George Orwell

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