Happy New Year!

As we begin 2018, lots of people will make resolutions. That is not necessarily a bad thing, if you follow through.

Make the new year a productive one in regards to your planning. Look for ways to expand your knowledge and skills. Whether by taking classes or by trial and error.  First Aid, food preservation, self defense, fire starting, and orienteering (map and compass use) skills are worthy investments that can be used any time.

Make a list of items that you want to add to your supplies and equipment. Then set a plan in place to aquire them as your  budget allows. This can be saving money every week until you have enough for an expensive item or buying a few small items a week until you have as many on hand as you want.

Improving your health is a common resolution for a good reason. Emergency preparedness planning is no different. Whether it be losing weight, building endurance, stopping smoking, or lowering your cholesterol, these all benefit you during an emergency. Having a great plan and equipment is useless if you have a heart attack just carrying a heavy pack.

So make the best of your resolutions and plan for a great 2018. Despite what may come a good plan can make it that way.

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