Halloween Special: Don’t let planning scare you.

Today is about haunted houses, costumes, and pumpkins full of candy for many people. While we enjoy this holiday, let’s remember that planning can seem a scary proposition when taken as a whole. It can be be like a haunted house to begin with. From the outside it can seem terrifying. The closer¬† we look though, the more we see that it is just a bunch of animatronics and masks. Similarly in planning, once we look close we see that it is not such a scary task. Taking your planning in smaller pieces can make it more manageable. Instead of thinking of stockpiling months worth of food, start with buying a few extra items on each grocery trip. Or for bigger items,¬† put back a little money each payday until you can buy it. This way you can can manage each goal until you have fulfilled the level of planning you desire. So have fun out there tonight and remember the only thing zombies want tonight is chocolate.

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