Zebra F-701 Stainless Steel Pen

Zebra F-701 Pen

Covering a pen here may seem out of place, but it is not. It fits as well as the Zebra F-701 fits into most normal day to day situations. That is precisely why it is being covered.  Tactical pens have been a rage for some time. They do have advantages if you ended up in a last ditch effort to protect yourself with them. The down side is that they stand out like a sore thumb all the rest of the time. That might be OK if you work at a sporting goods store, construction company, or are in the military.  If you work in a normal office setting these may be unwelcome. Offices are  increasingly more tense over anything that can be seen as a threat due to world events. This is where the F-701 comes into play. 

The Zebra F-701 looks like a regular pen and does a great job of being that. It writes and operates smoothly. While heavier that a plastic barreled pen, it feels solid in the hand.  This is due to the solid stainless steel body. The clip is also steel so you can avoid the death of may a pen, a broken clip. This rugged body is what also makes it valid as a self defense tool. Pressing and holding the top to extend the ball point gives you a stabbing weapon. The textured grip cut into the body gives you a better gripping surface without cutting into your fingers. Now this is not equal to having a Kabar in your hand, but provides a possible last stand in an environment where other self defense tools may be forbidden. On top of everything else, it is very affordable and can routinely be found for less that $5.

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Zebra F-701 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen

Zebra F-701 Pen