Streamlight Stylus Pro

Streamlight Stylus Pro

The Streamlight Stylus Pro is a small sleek light that runs on 2 AAA batteries.  It produces a very respectable 90 lumens. This paired with a pocket clip, momentary on/off end push button, and belt sheath make this a very great light to carry on you daily. In a pocket or on your belt, it is so light you forget it is there until you need it. The aluminum body and unbreakable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens take the abuse of daily carry very well. The only con is that if carried fully in the pocket, the on/off switch is exposed to wear since the sheath does not cover it. This has not produced any failure or battery drain, but does show in the paint wear around the top.

These lights can be had for around $20 and come in several colors if you need to distinguish ones in a group.

Check out the flashlight here:  Streamlight Stylus Pro

Flashlight after much carry:

Same light and holster.