Mora Knife

Mora Companion Knife

Morakniv ( Mora) knives are almost legendary in the survival and bush-craft communities.  This is with good reason. They started in 1891 in Mora, Sweden when a timber sled manufacturing plant started manufacturing knives to use in their production. These knives were so effective and popular that soon they began producing them for sale. The knives you can buy today still embody the tradition of excellence but combine modern materials.

The Mora Companion knife has a very ergonomic rubber handle that allows you to maintain your grip even when wet. The blade is made from Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel that resists corrosion, but also holds a sharp edge. In addition the knife comes with a molded plastic sheath.

The best aspect about these knives is that they have a very low price-point for the superb quality.  These knives normally can be ordered for around $20.  This puts them into the budget of almost anyone building a preparation plan.  It also allows purchase of more than one as a backup or to be used by others in your group.

Check the knife out here:  Mora Companion Knife

The knife fits snugly in its plastic sheath. The sheath has a hole in the bottom to allow moisture to drain out and protect the blade.


The knife has a razor sharp blade right out of the package. At 4.1 inches this is not a Rambo knife, but it exactly what is needed for common chores. The knife is 8.75 inches overall. This size should fit almost any size of hand.


The back of the sheath has a belt clip that can also be used to fix the knife to a back or strap. This might be the one weak point of this set. If the clip is broken off due to wear or accident then the sheath becomes much less handy. If this is an issue, there are many types of aftermarket sheaths made for these knives. Investigating one of those might be a good plan if you expect constant use or very rough conditions.