NATO 20″ Duffle Range Bag

NATO 20″ Duffle
Range Bag

This bag is intended as a shooting range bag. It indeed does well for that. The numerous pockets and generous large main compartment let you carry all the equipment you need for a day of shooting. In addition it comes with a pistol rug bag and a drawstring bag meant for storing fired brass casings.

Aside from that this bag would make an excellent car bag or even a EDC bag. For all intents and purposes, it resembles a gym bag, but is much sturdier and has better organization. It also has MOLLE style straps on front so that you coud attach other compatible pouches.

The only possible downsides are the lack of backpack straps and that it is large enough that it would be easy to over load your max weight.

Check out the bag here:  NATO 20″ Duffle Range Bag

NATO 20" Range Duffle